Why I joined Roboflow

By, Kelly M.

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I’m extremely happy to announce that I’ve joined the Roboflow team as their first Developer Advocate! Roboflow (YC S20), helps developers build custom computer vision models so they can spend their time focusing on domain issues instead of “wrangling boilerplate computer vision infrastructure code”.

Over the past year, I not only entered the world of DevRel working at Dwolla as a Developer Advocate and at Career Karma (YC W19) as a Technical Evangelist (simultaneously), but I also like to think that I’ve become a better software engineer by picking up volunteer opportunities and part time work at companies like MakeSoil. I also had the opportunity to learn and practice data science during my fellowship at CorrelationOne’s DS4A/Empowerment, where I, among other things, created ARIMA models and data visualizations for mosquito related disease research under Johnson & Johnson.

I’m excited to continue to build on what I’ve learned in this new and exciting role. I have so many plans, and so many things I’m excited to start executing on.


The great thing about being the first at a company to do X, is that you get to execute on the vision you’ve always had on how impactful the company, your team, and you yourself can be in the space that you’re in. In my case, that space is now computer vision. You “take the good and leave the bad” of past experiences and observations, make it your own, and continue to improve as you reach out to pillars of the community like Lee Robinson from Vercel, who’s built one of the best DevRel teams I’ve seen to date.

During my time at CorrelationOne, I also had the privilege to learn from impactful guest lecturers like Dr. Avriel Epps-Darling and Dr. Timnit Gebru on issues like algorithmic bias, lessons that remain at the forefront of mind as I plan for my first quarter, build models, and sample applications. What I learned from them will impact my own work as I build the Roboflow community.


I view Roboflow as a fast growing company, akin to my personality and eagerness to grow both personally and professionally. In the past, I’ve only worked with such companies as a contractor, so being able to work in one full time for the long term makes me excited for the future. I cannot wait to see where we will be five years from now.


I think it goes without saying for most on how important it is for a tech startup to be led by technologists who not only understand the technology, but also the problem it is trying to solve. Joseph (CEO) and Brad (CTO) not only check those boxes, but are excellent business leaders who also share values of my own.

I’m excited to see how much I will learn from working with them. Let’s go!!! 🎉